Basic Facts
    Land and People


  • Occasions on which Pakistani Flag is to be Flown
    • Pakistan Day (23rd March)
    • Independence Day (14th August)
    • Quaid-e-Azim's Birthday (25th December)
    • Such other days as may be notified by the Government from time to time.
  • Days when Flags at Half-mast
    • Death anniversary of Allama Muhammad Iqbal (21st April)
    • Death anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam (11th September)
    • Death anniversary of Liaquat Ali Khan (16th October)
    • Any other day notified by the Government.
  • Flag to be Flown on Residences

    The Pakistan Flag shall be flown on the official residences of the following VIPs when they are home:-
    • The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan.
    • Chairman of the Senate and Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
    • Governors of the Provinces.
    • Federal Ministers and other dignitaries entitled to the privileges of the Ministers of the Government of Pakistan.
    • Chief Ministers and Ministers of Provinces.
    • The Chief Election Commissioner.
    • Deputy Chairman of the Senate / Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
    • Speakers of the Provincial Assemblies.
    • Diplomatic Representatives of Pakistan in foreign countries.
    • Commissioners of Divisions, Deputy Commissioners and Political Agents.

Note:- The Pakistan Flag will be flown on the official residence of the President / Prime Minister alongside his personal standard.

  • Flag to be Flown on Motorcars

    The following persons shall be entitled to fly the Pakistan Flag on their motor cars, vessels and airplanes, when the dignitaries themselves are seated: -
    • The President of Pakistan.
    • The Prime Minister of Pakistan.
    • The Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan.
    • The Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.
    • Chief Justice of Pakistan.
    • The Governors of the Provinces.
    • The Chief Ministers of the Provinces.
    • Chief Justices of the High Courts.

Note:- The President / Prime Minister may fly two flags i.e., his personal flag in addition to the National Flag.